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Join us for not only an authentic Maui spearfishing tour, but learn how to freedive from the pros! Our intro "Malahini dive" is ideal for almost every skill level. You can also join us on other excursions to up your game even more!

Hone in on your target fish before you even jump in the water! Our guide to invasive and native fish is provided to protect the balance of our reef and educate while spearfishing in Maui. 

As spearos, our goal is sustainability. If your catch can be consumed, it should be your dinner. Check out some of our recipes and tips for an ono dish!

Is it your first time spearfishing on Maui? Do you have questions about spearfishing excursions or spearfishing rentals? Check out our faq page for a look at our spearfishing operations.

South Maui Spearfishing


Just went spearfishing yesterday with my hubby and a family friend. Pete did a great job educating us on free diving techniques and the art of spearfishing. Everyone in our party went home with a fish...or two! We have been to Maui three times, and this was the coolest thing we have ever done,


-Christine, CA


Peter took my 16 year old son spearfishing for the morning. He was prompt, friendly, and professional. They got several fish and had a great time. Adam held a couple octopus, saw eel, and lots of fish. Peter's gear worked weland was easy to operate. Thank you, Peter, for giving my son a great morning and lots of memories!!


-Jen, CA

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South Maui Spearfishing first and foremost believes in a "Pono" attitude toward fishing practices. "Pono" is to do what is right. The history of diving goes back generations to our early Polynesian ancestors and their deep relationship with the ocean. Our guides exemplify this each and every day, and our guests cannot help but appreciate the respect and care given to both the sport of spearfishing and the environment in which it is practiced.

South Maui Spearfishing is owned by record-breaking spearfisherman and champion freediver Bobby Twitchell. He is a native to Maui and founder of Maui Spearfishing Academy. His guides are comprised of lifelong fishing friends and high level divers he met through competitions etc. In other words, he has assembled the most local, most advanced team of spearfishing and freediving instructors in the state of Hawaii.

Reef preservation, hunting techniques and extensive ocean knowledge is shared through our spearfishing education here at South Maui Spearfishing each and every day.

Have a blast, help protect Maui's reef ecology and learn techniques that will last you a lifetime.

Connect with us to find out more about our spearfishing excursions in Hawaii.


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