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Photo Courtesy of Derek Broderick

Spearfish in Maui Excursions

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If you can snorkel, you can learn to spearfish!

Check out our Maui spearfishing dives and book one that best suits you!

We guide beginnner excursion for first time spearos and offer advanced shore and boat dives for our experienced spearfisherman!  

Each spearfishing dive gives you the option to join the group excursion, or book your own private (just you and our guide) excursion instead.  

We are excited to get you in the water!


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Beginners Welcome!

Private Excursion


       All Day Boat Dive

An introduction to spearfishing in Hawaii. We will cover spearfishing and freediving techniques as we focus on targeting invasive species of fish. Typically starts at 7:00 a.m. and is finished around 12:00 p.m. Though start and end times vary. Group excursions are operated through Maui Spearfishing Academy in Lahaina.


*48hr. cancellation 

Group Excursion: $239 per person

Private Excursion: $399 per person

For repeat guests or advanced spearfishermen. This shore dive explores deeper diving, longer breath holds and more invasive fish varieties in new locations. Expect to challenge your spearfishing techniques and hunting skills in this more advanced dive session.

              *48hr. cancellation            

$399 per person

($499 for party of 1)

The trip of a lifetime! Join our guides and charter a private boat to the remote island of Lanai. Here we can spend time hunting Blue water, pelagic species such as Wahoo (Ono). If the pelagic fish aren't showing up, we can head onto the secluded reefs where we are just about guaranteed to encounter dozens of invasive fish to target.  

*48 hr. cancellation (two week for deposit)
 Private Excursion: ~ $3000 max 4 persons 
All Boat Charters are Private 


1.  Customers MUST have experience ocean swimming. Customers MUST be able to snorkel for 2hrs +.

2.  Customers with serious neck, back, or joint injuries or chronic heart problems or claustrophobia should use their own discretion about their capabilities to safely participate in this activity. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that anyone with who has had recent surgery, especially on ankles, knees or their back, not participate in this excursion.  Although we try to always make customers comfortable both physically and mentally, some degree of impact on joints or some degree of customer anxiety about spearfishing is unavoidable.

3.  SMS 48hr. Cancellation Policy requires cancellations be 48 hours prior to scheduled excursion in order to receive a full refund. If an excursion(s) is cancelled in less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled excursion(s), SMS will do our best to fill your booking. If booking cannot be filled, the fee for the cancelled excursion(s) may not be refunded.

4.  All customers are REQUIRED to sign a release and waiver of liability prior to taking the tour.

5.  Customers MUST be 13 years or older, all customers under 18 must have a legal guardian sign for them.

6.  NO pregnant customers.

7. If you are booking on behalf of another person or group, it is your responsibility to inform each participant of these restrictions.


Take your ocean experience to a whole new level.  I went on two trips. For the first time I spent about an hour learning the basics of free-diving/snorkeling, spearfishing 101 and marine life, then we spent a couple hours in relatively shallow waters hunting invasive and other fish. The second trip was all hunting and was slightly more challening with deeper waters. Peter is an EXCELLENT guide/instructor. Best part is, you can eat what you catch afterwards! I'm hooked on this sport!


-youlovethesea, Canada


Peter was excellent! Great knowledge, a doorway to better breath holding and better diving. We all came back with a fish and an appreciation for Spearfishing. I look forward to doing it again!


-Jami, HI

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